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Temporairly Closed

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we have temporarily closed our Jasper Avenue Restaurant. Please check back for updates and we hope to see you soon.


BRUSCHETTA Our house-made bruschetta is prepared with hand-picked ripe roma tomatoes and fresh basil, served with cucumber tatziki and balsamic reduction 141⁄2

PINEAPPLE CHILI PRAWNS crispy prawns with pineapple and sweet chili sauce 151⁄2


SPRING ROLLS served with fresh veggies and plum sauce.

Choose from veggie or chicken 131⁄2

CALAMARI crispy calamari served with cocktail sauce and tzatziki 151⁄2

PANKO CRUSTED GOAT CHEESE served with sweet chili sauce, balsamic reduction and a side of house-made crostinis 151⁄2


WINGS one pound of wings served with your choice of :
hot, barbecue, roasted garlic, chili lime, honey garlic,
lemon pepper, salt & pepper, teriyaki, sweet chili,
whiskey jack barbecue or Bert’s sauce homemade and very hot! 13


NACHOS with tex-mex cheese, black olives, tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, red peppers and green onions. Served with salsa and sour cream 161⁄2
add chicken 6 | add guacamole 3 | add barbecue beef 7


PEROGY NACHOS fresh fried perogies smothered in nacho cheese, olives, jalapenos, red pepper, bacon and onions. Served with sour cream and salsa 161⁄2


CRISPY CHICKEN MORSEL served with your choice of :
hot, barbecue, roasted garlic, chili lime, honey garlic, lemon pepper, salt & pepper, teriyaki, sweet chili
or whiskey jack barbecue 13

CRAB CAKES house-made with fresh crab meat, served with cajun aioli 151⁄2 


SPINACH DIP house-made, served with fresh vegetables and tortilla chips 15

BABY BACK RIBS succulent ribs made with home made rub and BBQ sauce flavoured with knob creek bourbon 16

MUSSELS cooked in chardonnay wine and garnished with diced tomato and green onion. Served with warm soft toastini 151⁄2


SAUSAGE BITES applewood smoked spolumbo's chicken sausages tossed in BBQ sauce 15


YUM YUM ITALIAN MEATBALLS traditional Italian meatballs, smothered with tomato sauce, topped with four types of cheeses & baked in a cast iron skillet 15






HAT’S TRIO melange of our spuds 14


add chicken 6 | salmon 9 | crab cake 5

TRADITIONAL CAESAR crisp romaine, double smoked bacon,

fresh parmesan, garlic croutons and garlic toast 13

SPINACH fresh spinach, goat cheese, seasonal fruit, mandarin oranges, candied pecans with poppy seed vinaigrette 13


SPRING CRUNCH spring mix, almonds, avocado, feta crumbles.

Served in our honey dijon vinaigrette 133⁄4


SIGNATURE SALAD spinach, spring mix, shredded mozza and cheddar, bacon, red onions, mushrooms, bacon bits, and a hard-boiled egg. Served with a warm bacon vinaigrette 133⁄4


SIRLOIN & GOAT CHEESE AAA balsamic marinated steak, served on a bed of spring mix, grape tomatoes and red onions 20


CHEF INSPIRED WEEKLY SOUP ask your server for details

cup 6 | bowl 9

MUSHROOM & HERB fresh medley of mushroom, herbs and fresh cream 

cup 6 | bowl 9



MONTREAL fries, cheese curds, house made gravy 14

PHILLY CHEESESTEAK grilled roast beef, provolone, onions 16


BUTTER CHICKEN POUTINE with creamy mild goat cheese 16


AAA PRIME RIB HALF POUND PREMIUM PATTY served with pickle, lettuce, red onion, tomato and basil mayo

Veggie patty available upon request

All burgers come with choice of fries, salad or soup

Upgrade to sweet potato, potato thins, shoestring fries, caesar or spinach 3

SIGNATURE double smoked bacon, monterey jack, barbecue sauce, banana peppers and onion strings 171⁄2

CLASSIC cheddar and barbecue sauce 161⁄2

CANADIAN double smoked maple bacon, cheddar and monterey jack 171⁄4


MUSHROOM SWISS garlic sauteed onions, swiss cheese and fresh mushrooms 173⁄4

MAD HATTER barbecue chips, barbecue ranch, bacon, havarti cheese 171⁄2


 JALAPENO CHEDDAR jalapeno peppers, cheddar and onion strings 171⁄2

BLACK & BLUE dusted in cajun blackened spice with blue cheese, avocado and onion strings 18

HAWAIIAN CHICKEN BURGER roasted pineapple, red peppers, 173⁄4


CALIFORNIAN CHICKEN BURGER avocado, feta cheese and citrus glaze 173⁄4

CHICKEN CLUB double smoked bacon and cheddar cheese18


CAJUN CHICKEN BURGER seasoning and spices, 173⁄4

FUNKY CRUNCHY CHICKEN SANDWICH deep fried chicken breast topped with double smoked bacon and cheddar cheese 18


All sandwiches & wraps come with choice of fries, salad or soup

Upgrade to sweet potato, potato thins, shoestring fries, caesar or spinach 3

BEEF DIP slow roasted beef and caramelized onions, served on a toasted baguette with au jus and horseradish mayo 171⁄2

add cheese 2

STEAK SANDWICH 6oz. Alberta beef topped with onion strings
and mushrooms served on garlic baguette 20

add blue cheese 2

SHAWARMA WRAP tender, aromatic spice-infused chicken wrapped with fresh roma tomatoes, pickle, lettuce and garlic aioli, served in a tomato wrap 171⁄2

ROSEMARY CHICKEN SANDWICH marinated rosemary chicken, cripsy fried onion and cranberry mayo, served on a ciabatta 171⁄2


GRILLED VEGGIE SANDWICH portobello mushrooms, red onions, red peppers,fresh tomatoes and extra virgin oilive oil, served with fresh provolone on a ciabatta 173⁄4


CHICKEN FAJITA WRAP grilled chicken with peppers, onions and white cheddar cheese, served in a sundried tomato wrap 171⁄2


All sandwiches & wraps come with choice of fries, salad or soup

Upgrade to sweet potato, potato thins, shoestring fries, caesar or spinach 3

REUBEN sauerkraut, fried onion strings, swiss cheese and deli mustard 153⁄4

HAT DOG barbecue potato chips, havarti cheese, bacon, barbecue ranch 153⁄4


CHICAGO double smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, relish, deli mustard and onion strings 153⁄4


BUTTER CHICKEN Indian marinated chicken in a creamy tomato curry sauce, With basmati rice and grilled naan 21

FISH & CHIPS beer-battered cod served with tartar sauce 20


MAC & CHEESE maki style roll of mac and cheese stuffed with cream cheese, garlic, jalapenos and roasted red peppers. Crusted with panko for the perfect crisp 181⁄4


SEAFOOD LINGUINE mussels, scallops, shrimp, calamari & snow peas tossed in butter, garlic, chardonnay & finished with a dash of fresh cream 22


CHEESECAKEACHANGA deep fried tortilla wrapped cheesecake in a skillet with whipped cream, caramel sauce, strawberries and cinnamon 123⁄4

ICE CREAM FONDUE bite-size morsels of ice cream, cheesecake and fresh fruit with hot fudge 123⁄4


TURTLE CHEESECAKE caramel, chocolate, peanuts in a gluten free cheesecake 91⁄2


CHOCOLATE ALMOND TORTE two layers of moist flourless chocolate almond torte cradle in a creamy almond filling. All topped with a smooth chocolate almond mousse. Gluten free 91⁄2

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